Thursday, July 23, 2009

PremeDaPrez - D.O.T. (Death of Twitter - Hoes) and Do It Now (I'll Be There Remix)

Off of Jay-Z - D.O.A.
D.O.T. is actually Death Of Twitter (Hoes) Featuring James and Haitian V
PremeDaPrez - D.O.T.

This is the Remix to the track with Drake and Kayla I put up before, with a verse from PremeDaPrez.. he kills it
PremeDaPrez Ft. Drake and Kayla Bliss - Do It Now (I'll Be There Remix)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Drake Ft. Kayla Bliss

sooo here is a video i constructed for the track which was orignally put out by Drake and on a mixtape Heartbreak Drake. Shout out to Dj Fragg for bringing the idea up to have Kayla Bliss fill in the blanks and adding in a chorus and more. Shout out to Dj K Breezy (And Begin Productions) with his production skills for making it all possible in the studio. There will be a remix being released with PremeDaPrez which will be found on Dj Fragg newst Mixtape. (DJFRAGGdotCOM)

download the track at ZSHARE

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Kayla Bliss
Dj K Breezy
Dj Fragg

Thursday, July 16, 2009

been a while

Damnnn its goin a month I haven't been here, has to be something good. This post is long overdue, but here:

This song is becoming an instant hit when it drops in clubs and Preme is making he sounds bring the buzz to an all-time high. With a lot of close supporters getting the buzz spread through twitter ( he is readying the release of some other tracks he has under his belt. WE WAITIN PREME! (ITS PREZY lool)

Check it out
PremeDaPrez - I'm Paid


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