Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Preme - Boss

Shout out to Preme. Getting his editing n producing skills up. thats whats up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

kinda crazy

whoaaa... imma try this lol

merlot sippin

ummm tryin something out. not really me. might get into the heavy stuff later on.. lmao

first dance

just as probably most people did on tuesday. i watched the inauguration, as well as some of the balls later that night. we finally have a black president. btw jay-z ripped the remix (my president is black). heres a video from their first dance at the ball where beyonce sang "at last"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

thats wats up

so far theaters have been packed out for the biggie movie and it looks like bnrooklyn has something else out on TV. currently ABDC (Americas Best Dance Crew) is being host to Flex N Brooklyn's very own "RING MASTERS". personally i am happy to see it and see them going far and even taking the title this season. most of the crews were going a lot we seen before. and lets be honest "flexing" with the bone breaking and gliding, and different routines we, living in Brooklyn have seen on BCAT or at a showcase, is nothing like what has been brought to ABDC so far. Once again it airs Thursday at 10pm. So stay tuned and vote for them. If u missed the first performance check the video below..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

alotta biggie shit

check biggie out!

dude is a naturall


think i might have to pay a visit since i havent shopped in a whileleee

Next Day Air

Remids me of Smoking Aces, with action and comedy, but a lot of plots tied up into one story. It features Lauren London, Mos Def, Donald Faison, Mike Epps & Wood Harris (Ace from Paid in Full--cool)

Monday, January 12, 2009

I wanna go

i wanna go to see this shit, too bad i jus checked it out and the concert is like the 16th, think thats too soon for me to make it

Gumball - Cool Cars

im bout to check out the Gumpert Apollo, looks neet
wtfffff ("The manufacturers say that the Apollo is theoretically capable of driving upside down at 190 mph (310 km/h) (top of a tunnel) because of the amount of down force it produces.") thats crazyyyyyY!

AIR SEX --- they think of everything


Sunday, January 11, 2009


so the party for Saturday that past at Eden was canceled due to the weather. idk if they were lying but most of my guest list was still coming plus some girls my homeboy told to go. hopefully this will work out sooner or later and we gonna be back at Eden this Saturday


why do i feel so alone
like everybody passing through the studio
is in character as if we acting out a movie role
talking bullshit as if it was for you to know
and i don't have the heart to give these
bitch ass niggas the cue to go
so they stick around kicking out feedback
and i entertaining as if i need that
i had a talk with my uncle and he agreed that
my privacy about the only thing i need back
but its hard to think of them polite flows
mr. fano poloto suits on your night clothes
and jordan sweat suits are your flight clothes
and you still make it even when they say your flight closed
eyes hurting from the camera phone light shows
life was so full
now this shits just been light pole
always said i'd say it all on the right track
but in this game u only lose when you fight back
black diamond bracelets
showing you the basics
i can't live and hold the camara
someone gotta tape dis
i make hits and like a bitch
just married i ain't miss
24 hours from greatness
i'm that close to
don't ever forget the moment
you began to doubt
transitioning from fitting in to standing out
los angeles, cabanas or atlanta south
watchin home shows
embarrassed to pull my camera out
and my mother embarased
to put my phantom out
so i park about 5 houses down
she said i shouldn't have until i have the crown
but i don't wanna feel the need to wear disguises around
so she wonder where my mind is and counts in the minus
but yet i'm rolling round the fuckin city like your highness
got niggas reactin without a sinus
cause what i'm working with is timeless
and promoters trying to get me out to they club
and say i have fun but i can't imagine how
cause i just see my ex-gurl
standing with my next gurl
standing with the gurl that i'm fuckin right now
and shit could get weird unless they all down
and so i stay clear
we from a small town
and everybody talks and everybody listen
and somehow the truth just always comes up missing
i've always been something dat these lables can't buy
especially if they tryin to take a peice of my soul
and still b only tellin tales "damn drake fly"
and he just be like "silly mother fucker i know"
that was your bad
how could you pass up on em?
he just take the records
and he gas up on em
wayne will prolly put a million cash up on em
surprised no one ever put your ass up on em
oh they did pole
at least they try to
and thats what happens
when you spitting whats inside you
but slip up and shoot the wrong fucking video
and they think they can market you
however they decide to naww
before they told me to do me
and don't listen to anybody that knew me
cause who of known me would
mean that theres a new me
and if you think i've changed in the slightest
could of fooled me
baa into my city i'm da 2-3
drug dealers live vicariously through me
i quit school and is not because i'm lazy
i'm just not the social type
and campus life is crazy understand
i could get money with my eyes closed
lost some of my hottest versus down at cabo
so if you find a blackberry with the sides scroll
sell that mothafucka to any rapper that i know
cause they need it much more than i ever will
i got new shit
i'm gettin better still
little niggas put my name in their verses
cause they girlfriend put my ass on a pedestal
future said cause its ye shit you better kill
and i think its got them making of a legend feel
problem with these other niggas they
ain't never real
yea ... thats all i can say
--- drake

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Every Saturday

If you looking for a party and a free one at that (who doesn't like that) hit me up to get added to my guest list and I'll put u on..

Its Ladies free all night (plus some added incentives just hit me up)
Gentlemen get reduced prices all night

so hit me up @ howabout@tmo.blackberr.net so I can add you and your friends
from 10pm to 11pm you get one free drink on us so get their early

tip your bartenders...

they are people too.. good people most of the time.. i think lol

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

cooking... today

Today I cooked some Shrimp Alfredo with Fettuccine. Since my mom is allergic to shrimp I had to cook something for her too. So I cooked pork chops and some rice. I didn't make a video this time but I took some pics. Don't have a pics of the finished pork chops because I turned the oven off and fell asleep, but my mom started eating them by the time I woke up

everything came out goooood lol. made me more sleepy

its been a while

damnnnn seems like its been forever since i been up here. well happy new year to all. 09 aint so bad, maybe cuz 08 wasnt that good lol. well it had ups and downs just like any other time. hmmm ill be back with more through out today. maybe some other cooking videos. or pics cuz im madd layy


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