Thursday, April 29, 2010

While you were sleeping? (Sneaker Post)

While I was looking at the XIs I noticed this tidbit..

"For those of you that bought the Black/Varsity Red VIs just so you could get a taste of the infamous Infrared VI’s, then you might be a little heated when you read this… Jordan fiends flocked to the stores earlier in 2010 to pick up the “new Infrared 6s” without realizing they’re not in fact Infrareds, but Varsity Red 6s. instead No worries, now you have a chance to pick up the real deal…but it’s in a pack. The Air Jordan Infrared VI Pack is stirring up a lot of talk amongst Air Jordan collectors, and there are sure to sell quick. These new Jordans will release on June 19, 2010.

I do remember when the Black/Red VIs dropped in early 2010, there was a buzz for them but I wasn't really feeling it. I had just got the Space Jams the month before and remember speaking to the homie BBC Dream saying how I did not like how the VIs that came out looked so I wasn't in much of a rush to get. I wasn't too into the way to the material it looked to be made out of because it wasn't the same as the original.. Hopefully they come correct in June, something similar to the Black/Gold VIs in the (DMP) Defining Moment Package.. Supposed to be around the time Drake Album drops too

Jordan XI (White/Silver)

"Yummmmmmmmmmm" as one of my friends would say..

These are definitely swwwweeeeetttttt.
Copped it yesterday.. dont really wanna take them out the closet..

"From what we’ve been hearing on Twitter and seeing around the internet, it looks like the new Air Jordan “25th Anniversary” XI’s are a smash. If you’re a Jordan collector but you’re still debating on whether to buy a pair of these Retros, it would probably help to see what they look like in person. (Jordan Release Date: May 1, 2010)"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blackberry 6

This actually makes me want to stay with blackberry to see what its about. I was thinking about trying one of the new HTC devices or even the iPhone, but I'll stick around. Only thing is they only showed more or less a touch screen version. If its the Storm I home they fixed that screen clicky thing. Making its sensitivity closer to the iPhone

DTF Radio

Tonight I joined my homies Dj Magic, Kreepa, Vlad, and Marie on DTF Radio. It was a nice thing they are starting up. A few rappers we were already familiar with came by.. TFB (The Future Boys). They did their thing for real. 4 dudes and 2 females. Rappers and Singers and Spaz-O stopped in too. It was the second week they are goin with this and theres alot in the works. The audio stream is superb and the Ustream ( lets listeners view everything live. Its called "Show Off Mondays" from 9pm - 11pm. Check it out in the coming weeks fro updates...

Check it out here

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

I'm all for #TeamBlackberry but this phone just looks sleek and nice..

New Money

New $100 Dollar Bill.. counterfeiters nightmare lol.. the gov't is going hard now.. wonder if they gonna change the smaller bills or if it would cost too much.. supposed to be in circulation by 2011.. so yall better step yall game up to keep up

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm trying to be come on here on a consistent basis but its kinda hard. With there was a blackberry app for me to use to post stuff.. I'm sure there prolly is but I really wouldn't use it. Anyways I'm home just got thru a meeting and it was rather nice. Good food and laughs. Ummmm home now listening to the instrumental of that Gudda Gudda song I last posted in "#NP (Extensive Play )". That's about it for now.. Oh and I have come to realize I want the all white Air Jordan XI coming out next week. Its all white so I'm hoping I keep them clean and prolly will limit my wearing of them. I don't like having sneakers tho and "can't" wear. Never got the point in that. If I have them why would I just never wear them? Then I might as well had not gotten them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#NP (Extensive Play )

For some reason every day its usually one song that gets extensive playing on my iPhone. Today it was this Gudda Gudda ft. Lil Wayne track titled "I Don't Like The Look". Its off his newest mixtape I heard "Guddaville" and actually makes me feel like listening to it. I first heard it on the radio last week, and it had the Oompa Loompa sample from one of their songs on Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They are 2 different shows I Just forgot which was first, but the old one... lol. The other 2 Tracks are from 2 Brooklyn artist Preme I've always posted about and the other is Marz aka MarzMoney (@MarzMoney) he remixes "Rich Kids - Partna Dem" to shout out all his fellows..

Gudda Gudda - I Don't Like The Look Ft. Lil Wayne
(Not sure why its not working)

PremeDaPrez - Popular Demand (Freestyle)

MarzMoney - Partna Dem

My Netflix Fix

If you know me you know I love my NETFLIX... lol. Lately I've been watching it on a laptop because my Xbox has the 3 red rings "Of death" lol.

Aside from watching movies they have available I like to watch seasons of shows. My favorite thing before to watch w
as "The Office" and "30 Rock". I went through season 1-5 of "The Office" and 1-3 of "30 Rock" almost at lease twice lol. Then I stumbled upon "The Weeds" which I went through season 1 in one day. Then season 2 in almost the 2nd... Usually I slow up around season 2 on these shows but was stuck because for a while that was the only thing up. Once season 3-5 became available I went through that in about the week. After I finished with "The Weeds" I jus browsed certain things and kept seeing that it was telling me I would like "Arrested Development"... It was acting like it knew me lol... But it was right. I went through season 1 in about the same one day as I was used to. And by the following week I was on Season 2 and 3. Currently I am up to Season 2 of “My Name Is Earl” some how all of these shows have something in common... a little bit of serious, and a lot of funny. Not regular humor, but I guess my kind of humor.

My friend Shotta Dru ( is telling me about "24" which about now has 7 seasons up... that a lot I'm going to have to catch up on lol. I have to start at season one.


This song has been in my head all day.. You think Drake and Nicki Minaj really mess around? I much rather tracks without tags but this is all I can really find.. The others are tracks I've been listening to as well..

Drake - All Night Long (Tags)

Dirty Money - Hello Good Morning (Remix) (feat Rick Ross & T.I.).mp3

Erik Hassle - Hurtful

PremeDaPrez, Absolut, and Kayla Bliss - I'm Doin Me.mp3

if enough people actually want it i'll make the songs downloadable. so comment or hit me up about it

June 26th/27th Braggin Rightz Weekend (more to come)

Like I said we have the Basketball Tournament happening June 26th in Goshen Park. Same spot we had last year with well over 600 people coming out to watch the games, enjoy the food, music and have a nice day. We have teams from all over Brooklyn and trying to incorporate teams from queens. Last year had some really good players that played at various schools and in other tournaments. This year things will be a little more documented. Its a day time event, with things tipping off at 11AM. We have the permit for the park but plan on letting things finish by 7PM. Events are currently being organized for younger kids as well so if your up to it feel free to bring the kids. At this point about 25 people have contacted me about playing in the tournament, but there are only 8 spots. 3 have been technically filled, and are bring done on a first come first served basis. We don't want to wait till last minute to throw everything together. Last year I believe the East New York team took the Championship... Lets see how this year goes.

(click to enlarge)
For more info hit up
Kreepa - 347-530-0488
Scrooge - 347-682-1216
crdbl - 917-306-9594

The After Party will be the following day in Nocturnal (1623 Flatbush Ave)
Braggin Rights - Bottle Poppin Edition. 2 Floors of partying and fun.

Shout out to Dj Magic, JayB The Entertainer, SNL Boyz, M.A.T. Communications, G Ladies, Quiks, 49ers, Rich Rumors Clothing Co, Towaz, and everyone participating or helping in the events. We appreciate it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh I Think Im Back

Okay I think I’m about to get back on my blogging shit. Still don’t what Imma blog about but I got a lot of stuff on my mind and jus stuff I feel like sharing, from music to ideas and upcoming stuff. Please remember we have a Basketball Tournament and BBQ happening June 26th on Nostrand and Ave V. Looking for some more sponsors so hit me up if you’re going to be interested. I’ll post more when I get home I’m about to go to class.


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