Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dj Fragg - All The Way From Mixtape

Dj Fragg is bringin out another mixtape out here in NY while hes on tour in Barbados. Ain't that some shit lol. He has been tryin to keep thiese things coming and heres another one. Click here to check it out. Hit him up on twitter at @DjFragg

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dj Magic in YRB Magazine

The other day I posted about Magic going to Good Day New York. This magazine company came by too and took maddd pics. Heres their post. YRB Magazine

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I currently have a Blackberry Storm I got from my homeboy @jaygfam. I have some of his contacts too cuz of the new bbm and how that works but oh well.. I just want a phone with a regular keyboard even tho the Storm works fine. This new Bold 9700 will be part of a new T-Mobile promotion. PROJECT DARK lol... thats what its called. All these stuff is like CIA secret opperation Desert Storm stuff.. but it sounds interesting if ur into gadgest like me.. According to the leak, which was reported by Boy Genius Report, T-Mobile Project Dark is actually a codename for a new $50 ‘everything unlimited’ plan that will see you gain unlimited access to voice, SMS, MMS and data that is reportedly intended to draw customers from low cost networks to sign up with them.

According to the leak, which was reported by Boy Genius Report, T-Mobile Project Dark is actually a codename for a new $50 ‘everything unlimited’ plan that will see you gain unlimited access to voice, SMS, MMS and data that is reportedly intended to draw customers from low cost networks to sign up with them.

Accorrding to Boy Genius Report "Project Dark is a pretty big thing for T-Mobile. Not only will employees be wearing new threads consisting of a black top and grey pants while they sell the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and two Nokia Nseries devices (the N900 and something else), but they’ll also be pushing something pretty amazing — a $50 all you can eat plan that includes voice, SMS, MMS and data. Apparently this plan will be called “Everything Unlimited” and is meant to represent T-Mobile’s new strategy which will essentially see it try and poach subs from various low-cost carriers."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


DJ MAGIC - FOX5 - Good Day New York

Dj Magic - Fox 5- Good Day New York

Today I got to witness my homie Dj Magic on Fox 5 Live. He did his thing and had the correspondents into it. I was caught off guard when they were actually were trying to guess which artists and songs he was playing. I guess his song selection was right on, as they seemed to enjoy it. I was able to over hear his cuts n scratches and felt proud. I've been good friends with Magic for years and he's come a long way. I know he really appreciates all the support you guys give him and he got a lot of love on twitter. ( Check him out in a club near you soon and probably a city/country.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Black Hart

The other day I was browsing the gmail of one of my main music sources for reggae, and I came over a remix by Blackhart. Blackhart was one of the first people I knew back when I was really heavy into reggae music. He introduced me to grime music with his Shocking Versatility line of mixtape cds. They have gone from Vol 1 to I believe Vol 15, and right now he is working on Vol 16. You can hear his progression as he became better from a talent that was already well passed most of the people I knew. His remixing became more than just a remix, as he became a producer of them, changing up beats, flows, sounds and making them his own. I'm only writing this because I really see him for more than a remixer and I would like to share with whoever may come over this page. If you are really in tuned with music, please take a listen to how technical his remixes can get. I prefer with headphones just so I can hear any little effect that may be done with panning or echos or a wide variety of others. The particular remix was of Drake's Best I Ever Had. Iver heard remixes done to this already like the Chuck English or Ted Smooth ft. Swizz Beats and a bunch of other mixtape ones. But this to me is by far my favorite.

Drake - Best I Ever Had Remix (Blackhart Remix)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nothing Like Tuesdays (Plus other recent Pics)

On the Daily..

Dj Fragg Mixtape - DJRAGG.COM (took mad revisions because he cant make up his mind on colors) @DJFRAGG (

The Homie Shad P Mixtape. check him out at

Absolut The Great.. He decided to go with the second one.. what you think?

Me and the boy @PremeDaPrez.. he said he wasnt taking a pic till his mixtape dropped..

Team Showoff.. (@KreepaDaKurse @crdbl @YaBoyScrooge) we be having fun, bugging out.. lol come thru.. shout out to Haitian V or Vladimir Bartholomew Rasp-something (Ask him his whole name when you see him or check him out @JustVlad)

Me and @DJMAGICIZNICE at Duvet. I think its every Friday. Artists be in the building..


Its really a lot of nice music coming out and I'm looking at it a lot differently now. Kid Cudi album was real good. Drake's EP of 7 tracks.. was well the mixtape was free and he did 2 videos off that so I guess that speaks for itself. Jay-Z released his classic. Im hearing alot of nice singles too. And lets not forget about PremeDaPrez. And tomorrow another mixtape is dropping on from Absolut. Artwork done by me. On the white and blue version. There is a sprite version too. check it out when it drops this Friday on

"Ya Man Ain't Me" by SmoOv3



Click here to listen/download the track

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Click the Cover to Download

Shout out to @PremeDaPrez for this one and the whole Presidential Society...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PremeDaPrez - D.O.T. (Death of Twitter - Hoes) and Do It Now (I'll Be There Remix)

Off of Jay-Z - D.O.A.
D.O.T. is actually Death Of Twitter (Hoes) Featuring James and Haitian V
PremeDaPrez - D.O.T.

This is the Remix to the track with Drake and Kayla I put up before, with a verse from PremeDaPrez.. he kills it
PremeDaPrez Ft. Drake and Kayla Bliss - Do It Now (I'll Be There Remix)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Drake Ft. Kayla Bliss

sooo here is a video i constructed for the track which was orignally put out by Drake and on a mixtape Heartbreak Drake. Shout out to Dj Fragg for bringing the idea up to have Kayla Bliss fill in the blanks and adding in a chorus and more. Shout out to Dj K Breezy (And Begin Productions) with his production skills for making it all possible in the studio. There will be a remix being released with PremeDaPrez which will be found on Dj Fragg newst Mixtape. (DJFRAGGdotCOM)

download the track at ZSHARE

check out everyone on twitter
Kayla Bliss
Dj K Breezy
Dj Fragg

Thursday, July 16, 2009

been a while

Damnnn its goin a month I haven't been here, has to be something good. This post is long overdue, but here:

This song is becoming an instant hit when it drops in clubs and Preme is making he sounds bring the buzz to an all-time high. With a lot of close supporters getting the buzz spread through twitter ( he is readying the release of some other tracks he has under his belt. WE WAITIN PREME! (ITS PREZY lool)

Check it out
PremeDaPrez - I'm Paid

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Dj Magic Birthday Tour Comes to NYC

On May 26th - Nocturnal For Nothing Like Tuesdays Presents: Magic Moment. Also a Night called Straight off the Plane - a welcome home from your Memorial Get Away.

May 28th - Dj Magic Birthday Tour touches the city at Impeial Night Club. Dj Magic celebrates alongside Funk Master Flex, Mr. Cee, Massive B, and the entire Hot 97 cast and Celebrity Guests.

June 19th we bringing the Tour back to Brooklyn for Dj Magic Birthday in Tropical Reflections. A night called I Just Want To Be Successful. With The Big Dawg Pitbulls Mr. Cee, Massive B, Young Chow, along with SNL Boyz and of course Dj Magic

Bass In Your Car

This track is from Kayla Bliss. She has been featured with my other artist Preme (mixtapes soon coming) on other projects. check him out HERE

The Track is called Bass In Your Car. Check it out.
Shout outs to Dj Kbreezy on production.
Kayla Bliss on Vocals.
Dj Spinbad for the cuts on the sample.
Its Dj Magic, Scrooge, Kreepa, and Myself on the intro jus messin around lol
Mr. Cee for Giving it its first radio spin.

Kayla Bliss - Bass In Your Car

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PremeDaPrez Music

Here are Premes Tracks.
from the latest hottest in the hood, turn my swag on, and diva, to pony and diamond girl. imma try to get my hand onto his last mixtape to get those tracks up here.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Busta Back then - Right now

looks like busta took it back with his new video with tpain (sorry for the teeth homie :-/)

Ever Girl - Young Money

Hottest in the hooddd (video shoot)

Sunday alot of familiar faces took part in one of Premes video shoots. I had posted a couple of his tracks up here before. ill post the folder again. he says hes about to take his rappin seriously now (and i hope so). i wanna see the finished product. shout outs to preme, first ladies (hollywood divas), scrooge, dj magic, jay b, reds, james, members only,,, grammy fam and many more. i see ppl brought the whips out. we was out there till security came out then hit squads up for some food. ill post the song up when i can.


Click here to hear some of Preme's previous tracks

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dj Magic Bday Party

LV Productions alongside Team Showoff
Dj Magic Birthday Tour
First Stop: Sneaky Pete's (
w/ Beenie Man Live

Bus leaves from The corner of E. 48th and Farragut Road (In front CPAC)
Bus loads at 6pm sharpppp

55$ includes round trip transportation, vip entrance to the club, food and drinks on the bus.

ONLY 50 Tickets Availible for the bus
Hit me up for more Info

First deposit is due April 5th
all money in by April 15th

All money must be in before ticket is given
first come first served
Click Below


jus got back from the grocery/supermarket. whatever you wanna call it.. lol, had some laughs with my little brother. he agrees with everything i was saying. and says anything i tell him to say. my mom yells at him.. i tell him to tell her "stop yelling at me" lol its so funny. well she doesnt think so but it is. i say that she cant drive. he says "yea". lol as long as i say "right tevin", he says "yea" or "right" lol. now im tryint o get him to start brushing his hair..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Did you know?

One of my professors showed us this video the other day.. it was like wow

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

[1year ago]

March 14th (1 year apart) lmao
CRDBL - or

Randy Savage - or

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vanessa Veasley x CRDBL

If you know me like that, you know i always used to mess with Esther Baxter for all my backgrounds and some graphics. Then I found someone new, who i started to use. Vanessa Veasley. Did some stuff, even sent "her" on myspace, she prolly had someone who checked her page out for her. Even got responses, and today... i got a response from twitter, lmao. yea im whatever u wanna call it but i was hype lol

thats actually one of her pics on the side. i did my first flash pic of her too a while back

shes real... or is she...? :-/

Monday, March 2, 2009

uhhh lets see (click on images)

so as far as the pics i put 4 collages together. umm food, night, outside and stores.

with food, theres some food from the diner, the suprise was the fruit. and it did taste goood. they has a double big mac, which i know a couple ppl would be happy about. there some chinese food we ordered the first night by my aunt. and a before and after from la belle province. there was a tim hortons everywhere.

with the night u can see one place we went. the first was sooo wack. we were supposed to go to tonic, the club with a star, but after technical difficulties and waitin on females lol we end up goin glamour. mad crumping and breakdancing. but the drinks was cool. the bar was umm kinda high, but they had no henny, grey goose, patron, and not even nuvo... and that has french wine in it lol. the legal age for drinking out there is 18.. smh

with the stores there are some essentials in it i want, the gap for one cuz thats where i get my boxers mainly lol and off the hookk.. i mean... they sell 10 deep lol. the ice bar was cool, there partnered with the ice hotel and the lady was mad nice.

lookin at the outside pics, u can get the idea of the snow. it was freezing. i got used to it after walkin aroudn downtown for a lil but its crazy. like -20 Celsius. smh. the amount of snow they got and everything was still running, we got an estimates (not actual) 10 inces of show today and schools n works closed lolll.

600 Pics

damn goin through the canada pics i got like 600 and i don't even wanna sort through them like that. i hope u get the idea somewhat of wat it was like to be out there. and im here on a "snow day" fist day of class and its cancelled, and im like wtf, jus move the shit and we can go on our way lol.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canadian Vibezz

most people don't know i lived here before i lived in the US. so theres a FUN FACT you learned today. lol. im back out here with my grandmother. visiting my cousins, aunts and uncles. it was rather boring at first but i guess cuz im not jus goin outside and doing whatever i want. they don't have dollar vans so i cant jus go downtown or to kp for a banana split. so i guess its jus chilling with fam till the weekend and we hit some clubs. thats gonna be a different experience. what if they start blasting lil wayne in French. lol. the train ride was a totally umm draining experience. we had to be on that shit form 820am to 640pm. and i actually saw people ice fishing on an entire lake that was frozen. this shit must of been bigger than like central park lol. i got some video even of the train when this retard asked me to stop recording. guess he was scared there was something that could make him lose his job lol. but if i can get that off the camcorder ill put those up later

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swagger Like Us

I watched the Grammy's just for this.

What if M.I.A.'s water broke lol

Friday, February 6, 2009

Whose in your Fave5?

there is a limited offer going around now. I actually added it this week and I might advise some of you to do it too. You can currently add (while it last) the Fave5 option onto any non-my faves plans. All I did was call in and told the rep I saw the promotion online to add fave5 option onto my plan for free. It didn't change anything on the plan i had. Still had my 600 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited blackberry data plan, free nights n weekends. I did notice when i signed on to My Tmobile it had Fave5 as an added option. So this does work. Its a service provided by the Customer Loyalty department. Only key i can probably try to also mention is that it has something to do with the RETENTION department. The only thing as with any phone company is that u have to do a contract extension for 2 years. the extension wont mess with the phone upgrade you would qualify for or anything. This will potentially save everyone some bread on their bill. (for all of you who have friends you talk to alot that are non tmobile customers, and even so if you dont have mobile to mobile)

then i went with a family plan so my mom and I can get mobile to mobile lol. check out the red diamond, and you can see that the fav5 option is on the side and not with a price description...


also since my last post the ringmasters (mainevent) from ABDC had 2 performances where they were both int he bottom 2. they fought back from the first one. however last night they were unable to. i do fine they did alot of choreography the 2nd time around and i did see a couple away messages rooting for yall. hope those same ppl voted in those other nights. but still congratulations cuz that was still a worldwide audience you guys achieved.

pauze... congrats on 8 grammy nominations

been a long time..

damn feels longer than since January 27th since i been up here. so much has happened i think. well since i was last ehre ummm im still on break from school.. umm ive gone through like 2 bottles of patron and a bottle of hennessy. lol thanks kreepa. it looks like camrons makin his comeback while all this beef is going on with 50 cent/rick ross, and bow wow/souljaboy. smh even Michael Phelps got trouble. looks like u cant jus be a 20 year old anymore once u win a couple gold medals. im sure someone whose taking a sponsorship away or giving a suspension to him is being a hypocrite cuz they prolly smoked up and it coulda been last week for all we know... i've been sick this week but the antibiotics been makin me feel better today. jus a lil but. but now im getting a headache as im typin this. there too much vids and interviews of that rick ross thing and so many more vids of the souljaboy bow wo thing but ill jus put the cam stuff up and lemme know if u aint see the other stuff yet. ahhhhh maybe im not better yet

Cam Interview with Miss Info
Where's Camron?

Feb Cover of XXL


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