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Monday, March 16, 2009

Did you know?

One of my professors showed us this video the other day.. it was like wow

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

[1year ago]

March 14th (1 year apart) lmao
CRDBL - or

Randy Savage - or

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vanessa Veasley x CRDBL

If you know me like that, you know i always used to mess with Esther Baxter for all my backgrounds and some graphics. Then I found someone new, who i started to use. Vanessa Veasley. Did some stuff, even sent "her" on myspace, she prolly had someone who checked her page out for her. Even got responses, and today... i got a response from twitter, lmao. yea im whatever u wanna call it but i was hype lol

thats actually one of her pics on the side. i did my first flash pic of her too a while back

shes real... or is she...? :-/

Monday, March 2, 2009

uhhh lets see (click on images)

so as far as the pics i put 4 collages together. umm food, night, outside and stores.

with food, theres some food from the diner, the suprise was the fruit. and it did taste goood. they has a double big mac, which i know a couple ppl would be happy about. there some chinese food we ordered the first night by my aunt. and a before and after from la belle province. there was a tim hortons everywhere.

with the night u can see one place we went. the first was sooo wack. we were supposed to go to tonic, the club with a star, but after technical difficulties and waitin on females lol we end up goin glamour. mad crumping and breakdancing. but the drinks was cool. the bar was umm kinda high, but they had no henny, grey goose, patron, and not even nuvo... and that has french wine in it lol. the legal age for drinking out there is 18.. smh

with the stores there are some essentials in it i want, the gap for one cuz thats where i get my boxers mainly lol and off the hookk.. i mean... they sell 10 deep lol. the ice bar was cool, there partnered with the ice hotel and the lady was mad nice.

lookin at the outside pics, u can get the idea of the snow. it was freezing. i got used to it after walkin aroudn downtown for a lil but its crazy. like -20 Celsius. smh. the amount of snow they got and everything was still running, we got an estimates (not actual) 10 inces of show today and schools n works closed lolll.

600 Pics

damn goin through the canada pics i got like 600 and i don't even wanna sort through them like that. i hope u get the idea somewhat of wat it was like to be out there. and im here on a "snow day" fist day of class and its cancelled, and im like wtf, jus move the shit and we can go on our way lol.


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