Monday, December 22, 2008


i ain't really been on my pc like that. been on twitter alot tho lol. its like another messenger thing but u dont really have to be talkin to anyone to say anything. lol. I aint really doing much tonight so might be a bunch of random posts n stuff. my bb is acting up, not getting "EDGE" so its prolly tmobile.. smh. and its not charging so imma have to call tmobile.

since i last left i kinda know 1 thing i got for my christmas and it wasnt even on my list but sounds good.

also as another treat my good friend Dj Magic dropped a mixtape umm i think today, not too sure but i got it and i got the link if u wanna hear. its a nice oldschool mix for the ladies, got a couple surprises on it so jus click below to dl.

Dj Magic Presents - I'm Just Doin My Thing Pt.1!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whish List

haven't been here in a few days but what better rerason.. lol
jus some stuff i want, nothing out the ordinary at all

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008 Mixtape (By DJ Fragg)

Da Cyph has been all over since about 05. From throwing college parties in LI, to some of the biggest venues in New York and Miami. On a new venture they have a website that promotes alot more than parties, but you can find music, entertainment, fashion, and more. Check out the mixtape, mixed by Dj Fragg and hosted by Robbie Nova of Konvict Muzik

Click to Download



I woke up, still tired. Idk why. Got sleep like a lil less than 8 hrs but I'm still tired. Last night my aunt held a function for some old Caribbean ppl and I got to try out the bar tending thing. Wasn't like a whole lot of mixing drinks cuz those old ppl like scotch or rum n coke lol. After a while when the night started ending I got a lil annoyed cuz ppl kept coming to me asking for stuff they saw wasn't on the shelf. This one guy asked like twice back to back for rum n coke. And then when I told him we didn't have it, he wanna call my uncle.. like sorry.. we still don't have any rum lol. But i guess my uncle wanted to be nice so he went n got him some rum, and then my cousin told him there wasn't much coke, n he told my cousin shush.. not even like by saying anything but just put his finger on his lips. smh. I shoulda just left. Now im sitting here saying i shoulda drank the coke before my uncle came back lol. but umm he got some rum n coke and left, and soon after I left. And I went to sleep. Now I'm up and first thing i do is go online n make my rounds on the net loll. First thing i seen was a crazy video. Like what would make u throw a show at the president. matter of fact.. 2 shoes.. lmao

Sunday, December 14, 2008

aww man

omggg havent woken up with a killer headache like this in a long as time. smh

Saturday, December 13, 2008

charles hamilton

i swear this song has been on repeat on the video channels and its actually growing on me. i just cant seem to get it out my head at times.

it seems weird that this is the dude that soulja boy got beef with lol

mj n melo

from the greatest to one of the greatest performances this season. its not 81, but if he did this for 4 quaters hed have 132.. how he have an average points per shot of 2.2. LOL

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rich Beat

I wouldn't say I'm a Rich Boy fan but this beat is tufff, it reminded me of the "A Milli", and "Diva". But I don't think Bangladesh did it. Click to hear n tell me what u think.. or not lol

Rich Boy Ft Polow Da Don - click to hear(zshare) - 5.09MB


so i been kinda busy doing nothing and something. woke up like 4 am and was trying to get this flash thing kinda. its harder than photoshop for one, but i did get somethings...

[The Homies]

[Vanessa Veasley]

this wasn't just putting photos up and applying preset stuff in like 2 clicks, shit actually took some time, and i actually messed up like 3-9 times lol. i wanted to learn this program for a while but was always scared. it took some time to just get that but hopefully ill be better on it in the coming weeks, just taking it one step at a time.. p.s. Vanessa said my pic of her was cool.. lol

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


no more redbulls in my system yet..

also i think this one sucksssssssss asss
big time lol


Today started out ok. woke up to "f*$k the other side" lol thats my alarm.. (its a special way i fold my flag". Then got ready got to the bus with good timing and had got a seat. Ummm it was regular then I remembered... "you have a redbull in your pocket" lol (no i dont really talk to myself unless if im really bored, drunk, tired or got alottttta energy). And not the 2 dollar one, the 4 dollar one. So as I opened it up I could hear the music from the dude in front of me. he was reading a book. Sitting really quiet but blasting "back that thang up". Seemed weird to me but everyone on aim apparently like the song. I kept drinking my redbull and noticed... the song was still playing.. lol. and it played over and over and over... lol he was just sitting there mad quiet and not even a head nod. Then as I thought it changed from all this rowdy shit at 7am...(730 by now) he came one with "whoop that trick" lol and yea the same whoop that trick from "Hustle and Flow" because lets be real, where else is that song from? About 815 got into my design class. The professor was late but I wasn't mad cuz shes usually on time. Handed in my final and she showed the class, said it was elegant and upscale (lol) and now I'm here. Thinking how many more redbulls I can drink today.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

damn mann

so friday i came home from class, and went to sleep. slept till like 9 then woke up with time to get ready and go out. hmmm first we went djumbala then cpac. cpac had mad people and then got home the usual 430am. then i had to take my mom to the hospital which wasnt bad, but i had class @ 830am... went to class took a test and then reviewed for the final. it was a 4hour class so i didnt get home till about 130pm. finally wanted to sleep but couldnt till like 3. and since then i have not felt fully rested. omggggg

I've just been listening to music mainly these two songs

drake - say you will click to hear(zshare) - 3.47MB
jay-z - brooklyn (we go hard) click to hear (zshare) - 9.23MB

i just put on my sleep playlist n hopefully wake up feelin better

p.s. shout out to Preme for the making of video.. cant wait to see the fully one and we still waitin on the other remix mann lol. aint get to see ur preformance at cpac, but ill stay tuned for jan 2nd to see it

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day-n-Night (Crookers Mix)

whoaaaaa its a video for the song... seems like a while since Aiesha put me on to this one. Not the original but i got lots of laughs through the video

so it seemsss

lol so I'm in class now and it seems the most surprising comment I have received in more than one way is... "..u go to school...?" lmao

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Lately I've been either at school or home and jus been bored. When I get bored usually watching tv, I'll just Google or Wikipedia random things. SO one day I was on my way to class and I saw like 15 girls with Louie bags, and I wondered to myself..." many damn bags does Louis Vuitton make????" I got to my art design class and just went on Wikipedia and googled them, then that led to Wikipedia. I looked at it for a little while then that led me to looking on the side where it said "Parent: meaning like the owner or larger company its a part of..."LVMH". This was one of the most interesting things i saw on the site... LVMH stand for Mo√ęt Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A. Its a "conglomerate" lol whatever that means. But yea... basically they are all owned by a larger company.. all the things most rich people like are all basically the same people...Hennesy, Moet, Clicquot, Belvedere, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Emillio Pucci, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior (watches), Hublot, Tag Heuer, and a bunch more other things. The even recently bought a yacht manufacturer. Each company basically runs itself, but if LVMH is a parent company then whoever owns that or runs it must be making a heap load of money lol. All these expensive things... smh. And then we had to do somekinda layout thingy for my graphic class and I decided to do a layout for a magazing insert on LVMH since I was already reading up on them. That turned out ok i guess.. we dont use Photoshop in the class and even though I started 2 weeks late I am a quick learner so I was fine.

Heres a pic of the wack projeck.. its not professional and not something I prefer to do

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cajan Cooking

So today I was laying down and I was feeling kinda bored and wanted to do something. It was kinda early so I ain't like going outside really, plus there wasn't much to do outside. I had some shrimp in the freezer jus waitin for me to cook it. I decided to go ahead and make that. ummmm then while getting the ingredients together I realized that I didnt have everything, so I had to venture outside anyways. Anyways I got what I needed and it was soooo spicy. Still really good. Made some Spanish rice to go with the shrimp. By 2 all of it was done and I felt like making more. SO I just went back outside and bought 2 more bags of shrimp and made some more. This time I had chicken cooking too. It alllll came out gooooooddd. lol

Cooking Videos

lol sorry for the dickhead comment, just in case someone wanna come at me crazy

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bruce Lee back in the days..

this was funny to watch. idk if its real. reminds me of the commercials with lebron shooting from the end of the court and farve or was it vick throwing like 200 yards. well it was interesting but its a commercial for a nokia..

Monday, November 24, 2008

pool hall days

yesterday I chilled with soho homies I haven't gotten to chill with in a while. It was cool, walking around Soho even tho it was cold. going in all the regular stores we go in, union, memes, etc. didn't get anything. came back to Brooklyn and spent like 3 hrs at the pool hall. haven't done that ina while, but it all seemed the same. this time I got kinda bored with it. maybe cuz I wasn't winning like usual. but it was good, then when I got home got mad n just went to sleep...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

new header

guess I couldn't get off the PC... made a new header on top ft Lola, Ester, and Vanessa. also an Aston Martin. Watched fast and the furious and was waiting for Luda to pop up but he's int he second one right? um wondered what kinda cars they had in there. then i Wikipedia-ed them as I do pretty much everything else and found out. Prolly get some rest now


idk how it happened but I managed to sleep 12 hrs... I woke up at like 6pm Saturday from a brief nap. wasn't feeling good. remember telling my mother something and the next thing I know.. I see its 623 on my clock. so I look at my blackberry and its AM!!! I usually never sleep through the whole night. usually wake up after 4 hrs, toss and turn then get like 1-2 more hrs. now I'm all rested on this Sunday morning with nothing to do. went on photoshop real quick, ain't really do much but make some cutouts for a new background prolly for myspace. Prolly check see what new music there is n go n watch TV..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Song Book

Trey Songz has been heating it up with his freestyles for a while. He jsu hops on any beat and rips it I swear. Style is versatile for the simple fact that he can rap and sing. Another artist featured on the pop rose track is Drake. Also popularly known from Degrassi. He has a similar rapper/singer style but they are both great at it. Imma post some other drake stuff for whoever to listen to. These are jus some stuff I like

pop rose (zshare) - 3.47MB
so fly (zshare) - 3.98MB

not cool man

i actually got a blog taken down by "the man" lol

Thursday, November 20, 2008

looking for a job

this shit aint as easy as i thought lol


im sitting here listing to ludas album. i usually dont listen to whole albums since like ummm jay-z n fab, but this one got me. Its features are good, and the theme is too. He flows really nice on it. all the beats arent something i would normally jus like once i hear it. but the way he flows on it got me listening. I got Ace Hood, Beyonce, N Slim Album to get through but i cant see myself jus listenin to the others like this

I liked...

shout out to Aiesha L. ( I really found myself deeply submerged in her blog. couldn't stop reading. she highlighted a great point about appreciation. a lot of people go by unappreciated n others just show no appreciation. but her whole blog was interesting to me. even the childhood story.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Seems like forever since I was last on here. Ummm lets see.. theres a new President(-Elect), congrats Barack Obama. ummm looks like there also alot of new music out. My pc is on the "fritz" so I gotta wait till I get it back but hopefully some updates with that, and jus seeing how i can make this thing a little but more me with graphics. It seems that theres so much to say but as im sitting here now, idk what it was. If you happen to check this out.. u can also check out I'll prolly be updating this with some parties too. Just gotta get the PC back.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preme 4 Prez --- Mixtape comming soooon

Reppin' BK all day Preme drop a mixtape filled with alot of goodies.. Check the mediafire folder for some tracks...

{just click n download} :-) thanks
(aim) PremeDaPrez - send ur emails to get updates on more tracks

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Didn't You Know

sooo... i was watching my favorit show and this episode had me bustin out laughing everytime peter went in with the song..
this should be the full episode so just watch and see

Thursday, October 16, 2008


i was still thinking about the direction for this blog and i have no clue. i could be posting 1 time a day... or 20 times a day.. maybe twice a week.. or maybe once a month.. hmmmm oh well.. cant wait to get my regular pc back... this mac is cool but cant navigate as easy

Just started

hmmm. jus starting this thingy here.. ummm not sure where imma take it or what imma do with it.. dont even know when imma tell anyone about it. but if you happen to stumble upon it lemme know..


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