Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally Nicki..

I thought all her songs were gonna be like "Your Love" filled with mad autotune.. But unlike Massive Attack I actualy like this one. Reminds me of one of her good features where she seems to be so animated. Check it out.

Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge ft. Eminem

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Funny Quote

A relationship is like a child.. At least check on it or its gonna die.. LOL
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Friday, October 29, 2010

New video promo reveals the truth about the white iPhone 4 delays

I'm #TeamBlackberry all day but this was funny.. "you're and idiot" haha check that out closer to the end.

The comedy troop over at JLE have uploaded a “Banned White iPhone 4 Promo” spoof to video-sharing site YouTube. The video has some amazing one liners and lets you know that “if you’ve waited for the white iPhone, you’re an idiot” as you’ve “waited for 5-months for a phone that is a different color that you’re just going to put a cover on anyways.” -BGR

iPhone, Blackberry... What else..

With all this iPhone vs. Blackberry talk everyone has you would swear they are the top selling vendors.. but they arent even in the top 3 of phone manufacturers. On a world wide standpoint Nokia has a 32.4% market share with 110.4 million units, Samsung holding a 21% market share with 71.4 million units, and LG at 8.3% market share at 28.4 million units. iPhone and RIM rank 4th and 5th respectively at 14.1 and 12.3 units

Check out the article if your a little bit interested

Thursday, October 28, 2010

PING!! Me Baby

This is an actual song by Riz now availible on iTunes. I've been hearing a lot about it on CrackBerry. Wonder how its going to do as a single?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd Annual Team Showoff Appreciation

Stephen everyone misses you.. and who doesn't.. never really mattered to us anyways.. Last year we did this with no flyer, no banners, nothing, just the love I guess.. this year we seemed to undoubtedly follow the same pattern even tho we printed banners this time, we still didn't use them. We all did Adidas track suits last year.. this year I'm soooo not sure yet as to what we are gonna do, but don't worry, we gonna toast to you.. a lot of love all around..


Looks just like the 9700 munus the silver bezel.. this one has a darker one.. But yet if youve been looking for Blackberry 6.0 and not looking to get the Torch, Curve, or the Clam Shell Blackberry.. this is the newest best option. Its been given the November release date on all carriers(GMS). I WANT IT!.. Its supposed to be twice as fast as teh 9700 with double the RAM, but I'm not sure how 6.0 runs as of yet.. I guess we'll wait and see..

Dj Bif Reef Old2New R&B Mixtape

Dj Big Reef of the New York Cityboyz keeps it constant with dropping another mixtape. He has been one of the foundations behind one of the longest running weekly parties in Brooklyn and dubbed the best Tuesday Night Event.. Nothng Like Tuesdays @ Nocturnal. Download the mixtape and check it out with some old school.. and some new school..


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playstation Phone

PSP Portable + Sony Ericsson Phone =

Feast your eyes, gamers, on what is purported to be none other than the PlayStation Phone. The phone that has been rumored since the public first began taking a serious interest in mobile gaming has finally materialized in a series of images that paint a pretty clear picture. Here’s what we know: the device features a landscape-oriented sliding touchscreen display that exposes dedicated gaming controls. It also runs Android and sports a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, microSD support and a special Sony Marketplace that will be home to games galore. Hit the jump for a few more shots of what could be the gaming phone to end all gaming phones. -BGR

B. Sky Takeover

Just checked out my boy Vlad BKA Haitian V on his blog and saw some great pics he caught of the Brooklyn Sky Brand featured on 106 & Park. I saw the episode that day but incase you missed it check it out.. also featured is a pic from one of their recent photoshoots for their new look. Check out the store located at 1402 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn NY 11226.

Click Images to Enlarge

A thing I said on twitter..

"unfortunate situations, in bad circumstances, with misunderstanding and wrong timing or placement makes for the worst of outcomes..."

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G.O.O.D. Music Cypher (BET Hip Hop Awards)

They saying that G.O.O.D. Music killed, the Cypers at the BET Awards.. Here's the audio..

G.O.O.D. Music Cypher - (Kanye West, Big Sean, CyHi Da Prynce, Pusha T & Common)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lil Duval on Worst Rapper of the Decade List

Haha pure comedy on twitter is what you get when you follow certain people in it just for entertainment..

Just decided to post it here.. check it out

Lil Duval on Worst Rapper of the Decade List
(The second is a quote off his twitter page)
#10 Lil Flip (Becuz of this verse "I'll treat u like milk baby I'll spoil u")
#9 Nick Cannon (just becuz he tried)
#8 Birdman (As much music as he put out I bet u can't recite none of his verses)
#7 Ron Artest (Becuz he should not be that garbage coming from queensbridge)
#6 Jojo Simmons (It ain't that he can't rap it just looks like he shouldn't)
#5 Brian Pumper (Do I really have to give a explanation?)
#4 Waka Flocka (becuz I ain't never heard him make a word rhyme yet)
#3 Lil B (I aint heard his shit but y'all keep insisting that I put him up so he must be garbage)
#2 O.J. The Juiceman (Cuz I ain't met a nigga yet that can listen to a whole album of "AYE AYE!")
#1 Soulja Boy (This nigga made the Forbes list off of not making no sense. He gotta be a genius)

He also says
"Damn this #worstrappersofthedecade is tough. So many to choose from"
"I refuse to make Brian pumper number 1 #worstrappersofthedecade becuz he might think that was good thing"
"Rap game fucked up but u can't blame me seen the come seen them go u know how the game be"
"honorable mentions for #worstrappersofthedecade riff raff Jim jones Tony yayo mike jones and @iamdiddy"

Now.. I dont aree with his list but once again this is pure comedy from a comedian.. LOL.. Check him out at

MTV’s 2010 Hottest Mc’s List 1-4

The MTV’s 2009 Hottest Mc’s List was:

#1 Jay-Z
#2 Lil Wayne
#3 Drake
#4 Kanye West
#5 Rick Ross
#6 Gucci Mane
#7 Young Jeezy
#8 Fabolous
#9 50 Cent
#10 Raekwon

Check out Artist 4-1 After the Jump

#4 and #3
Drake and Kanye West

#2 and #1
Jay-Z and Eminem

MTV’s 2010 Hottest Mc’s List 5-10

Click Read More for Artists 8-5



Waka Flocka

Lil' Wayne

#6 and #5
Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kayla Bliss and Dante - Speakers Going Hammer

Been listening to these two colab on alot of tracks lately. They really flow good together. Compliment each other.. Singer and Rapper. Eventho Kayla is heard rapping over this one. Something I've only heard her do on a couple tracks, but Dante like usual.. Bodies this track.. LOL Check it out. Click to download or play from your phone.

Kayla Bliss and Dante - Speakers Going Hammer

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This has to be one of the best applications I've seen in a long time. Ive tested it out for a couple months and I just wanted to let people know about it. For anyone who has files that they might need on more than one computer, or just need to access when away from home.. this is something you can use. Weather if its other setup files, music/audio, pictures, you can store it all here. And its just as simple as dragging your files on your computer to a folder then just visiting at any other computer to have access to them. I know some of you artists or designers, or just general people can really use this and its FREE!!

They have even made it so you can access it form your phones weather if its Android, iPhone or Blackberry..

Click HERE to sign up!


I haven't been feeling Rihanna since all that stuff with my boy Chris Breezy but this has my boy Drake on it.. so it gets a pass.. even tho she tried to do him wrong to.. its ok.. lol..

Rihanna - Whats My Name ft. Drake

Drake - I Get Lonely Too

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scan This!


(use the regular "invite contact" from your blackberry to scan..)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

BBM Groups

What are the name of your groups? LOL I'm sure some of yall got some dumb names...

Act Like A Dickhead.. I'll Make You Look Like One


BET's Top 10 Rappers Of The 21 Century List

I thought this was the same list that's done every year, but this was BET and NOT MTV. I haven't seen the episode to hear the names that were thrown around but I have read twitter and a few blogs to hear people puzzled as to why Jay-Z or Fabolous didn't make the list. I even saw Boi1da's take on the whole situation, but he only made reference to Nelly. LOL thats odd.. but OK. Here's the list below.. from 10-1. I took the added interest of putting up the number of Studio Albums each artist had. This does not include mixtape acknowledgment, or EPs. Some of these guys havent even gone platinum. LOL Just an added tidbit.

10. Rick Ross (4 Albums)
9 Jadakiss (3 Albums)
8. Young Jeezy (4 Albums)
7. Drake (1 Album)
6 Ludacris (7 Albums)
5. T.I. (7 Albms)
4.50 Cent (4 Albums)
3. Kanye West (4 Albums)
2.Lil Wayne (7 Albums)
1. Eminem (5 Albums)

My Tooth!!!

My tooth is hurting me. I should have delt with this situation when it first happened. But I prolonged it and now its worse. Anyways.. I had a filling and it fell out and I've been dealing with the pain since my last says in Miami. Its Saturday now and dentist are closed. I've had 4 teeth pulled before but this is the first time I can't just chew ice and have it soothe the pain.. I guess its just that bad this time. Ambersol/Orajel barely works. I can't wait for Monday to come. Best part of my weekend is the return of my computer and the 10 Deep sample sale I guess.. But I'd rather have this pain go away NOW!
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Its a Text-Message World

U.S. teens, on average, send 3,339 text messages per month. The numbers come courtesy of analytics company Nielsen who analyzed the cellular habits of over 3,000 teens in April, May, and June. The study finds the males between the age of 13 and 17 send roughly 2,539 texts per month while females send a blistering 4,050. The older, more conservative group of 18 to 24 year olds only sent an average of 1,630 text messages per month. No wonder cellular companies are charing an arm and a leg for unlimited text messaging plans. How many SMS messages are you good for every month? Boy Genius

Thursday, October 14, 2010

South Park Snooki

Do you think this is funny or just wrong? - In Flex We Trust


Here are a couple of tracks I've kept on #ExtensivePlay for the past couple weeks. Check them out if you haven't feel free to download.

Lil Wayne - Gonorrhea (Featuring Drake)

Chris Brown - Deuces Remix (Featuring Drake, Kanye West and Andre 3000) (Dirty)

Damn V.V.

I still got a thing for her.. She posted these via her Twitter today for #ThongThursday.. She did a bunch of others but I prefer this #TeamNoPhotoshop. Check out her twitter.. Vanessa Veasley keeps it real.

In Case You Were Wondering (Kanye West)

Jeweler to the stars Jacob the Jeweler confirms that Kanye West bought his new Horus chain for a nice $300K. Jacob created the custom-made link chain depicting Egyptian god Horus, as well as a four-finger pyramid ring, for Kanye’s comeback performance during the BET Awards last weekend. Both the chain and ring are made of 24k yellow gold. - Woooha

AbsoTheGreat - Angel & Demon LP

This is my dude AbsoTheGreat. This has been something in the making for a while and I'm glad to see it coming forward. He released it 10/10/10. Below I have the intro for just a sample. I'm listening to it now as I write this post. Everything sounding so clean.. I Love it! Vocals, Production, and Rhymes is on point. I'm already I'm pressed and only a couple of tracks in. Next to look forward to is his first video.

Featured on, Kayla Bliss, PremeDaPrez, Project Porter, Dante, Sky Taylor, Biz, T.V. and Mainevent, with Executive Production from DJ K Breezy and New Day, with Production by Dj Skinny, High Standard, and K.A.S.H.

Check it out on ABSOTHEBREAT.COM as well.

Download HERE

01. Genesis (Intro) - Feat. Kayla Bliss

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not The Miami I Intended...

Sitting in the airport... on a trip i wasn't supposed to be taking alone I go through my twitter page... I'm looking at my favorites on twitter and I see a list of them I saved from Preme. "…Chris Told Me Rap On Erything Dats Hot Duke /Scrooge Told Me I Will Kill Dem Nigaz Dog I Got U / Fucc Fucc FuccEm All Dem Niggaz Is Not U". That one alone just gave me chills because its a real life situation that I cant even enjoy anymore. This whole time in Miami I tried to enjoy myself. I mean it was definitely an experience but I cant help but think what if I didn't come, I don't think I would have been missing anything in particular. I haven't been in a partying mood.. andIi guess its OK when I drink but other than that I really just like to be alone... not the alone that you need to worry about me but just the alone where I don't feel like you can do anything at all about. There are only a handful of people.. you might think your one, but your prolly not, but there are only a handful I would even feel like don't bother me when they are around. This trip was supposed to be so much fun.. the only real fun I had was riding the scooter with Kreep and Twin. That was the best experience for me. Swimming in the ocean was good too because it was something I planned. Just swimming in the open water where the water completely submerged me. That made me feel entirely too free. Regardless at the end of the day I'm brought back to reality not by returning to Brooklyn like most of you people, I'm brought back every day when its made evident... let me not finish this the way my mind is telling me to..

"I Officially Learned That The Opportunity To "Regret" A Bad Decision Is One Of The Most Precious Things In Life!! Don't Take It For Granted" -PremeDaPrez

I'll post some happier memories of my trip when I feel like it.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Updating my blog directly from my blackberry!?!?

Is this even possible? lol

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Check out Dj Magic doing his first 100% Dancehall Mixtape. All the hottest tunes on once CD. You can stream it straight from my site and the download link is at the bottom.


Add DJ MAGIC on Twitter
and check him out on YouTube


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