Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cajan Cooking

So today I was laying down and I was feeling kinda bored and wanted to do something. It was kinda early so I ain't like going outside really, plus there wasn't much to do outside. I had some shrimp in the freezer jus waitin for me to cook it. I decided to go ahead and make that. ummmm then while getting the ingredients together I realized that I didnt have everything, so I had to venture outside anyways. Anyways I got what I needed and it was soooo spicy. Still really good. Made some Spanish rice to go with the shrimp. By 2 all of it was done and I felt like making more. SO I just went back outside and bought 2 more bags of shrimp and made some more. This time I had chicken cooking too. It alllll came out gooooooddd. lol

Cooking Videos

lol sorry for the dickhead comment, just in case someone wanna come at me crazy


Super A said...

nice video, check out that paint on the wall! lol its mad bright. but i was some cajan chicken, whats good loser?

Niki I. said...

LOL omg, this was the most entertaining blog ive read/watched in a while.. and blogs are becoming my favorite pasttime..
"u go to school?" lol, no... my question is, u cook?
thts one up on me... :bravo:


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