Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today started out ok. woke up to "f*$k the other side" lol thats my alarm.. (its a special way i fold my flag". Then got ready got to the bus with good timing and had got a seat. Ummm it was regular then I remembered... "you have a redbull in your pocket" lol (no i dont really talk to myself unless if im really bored, drunk, tired or got alottttta energy). And not the 2 dollar one, the 4 dollar one. So as I opened it up I could hear the music from the dude in front of me. he was reading a book. Sitting really quiet but blasting "back that thang up". Seemed weird to me but everyone on aim apparently like the song. I kept drinking my redbull and noticed... the song was still playing.. lol. and it played over and over and over... lol he was just sitting there mad quiet and not even a head nod. Then as I thought it changed from all this rowdy shit at 7am...(730 by now) he came one with "whoop that trick" lol and yea the same whoop that trick from "Hustle and Flow" because lets be real, where else is that song from? About 815 got into my design class. The professor was late but I wasn't mad cuz shes usually on time. Handed in my final and she showed the class, said it was elegant and upscale (lol) and now I'm here. Thinking how many more redbulls I can drink today.

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Super A said...

lol i try to stick to rnb on my morning train rides. lol but it is kinda of funny he was sitting there not even phased by "back htat ass up" cuz that certified ass shaking musica!


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