Friday, October 2, 2009

Black Hart

The other day I was browsing the gmail of one of my main music sources for reggae, and I came over a remix by Blackhart. Blackhart was one of the first people I knew back when I was really heavy into reggae music. He introduced me to grime music with his Shocking Versatility line of mixtape cds. They have gone from Vol 1 to I believe Vol 15, and right now he is working on Vol 16. You can hear his progression as he became better from a talent that was already well passed most of the people I knew. His remixing became more than just a remix, as he became a producer of them, changing up beats, flows, sounds and making them his own. I'm only writing this because I really see him for more than a remixer and I would like to share with whoever may come over this page. If you are really in tuned with music, please take a listen to how technical his remixes can get. I prefer with headphones just so I can hear any little effect that may be done with panning or echos or a wide variety of others. The particular remix was of Drake's Best I Ever Had. Iver heard remixes done to this already like the Chuck English or Ted Smooth ft. Swizz Beats and a bunch of other mixtape ones. But this to me is by far my favorite.

Drake - Best I Ever Had Remix (Blackhart Remix)

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