Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nothing Like Tuesdays (Plus other recent Pics)

On the Daily..

Dj Fragg Mixtape - DJRAGG.COM (took mad revisions because he cant make up his mind on colors) @DJFRAGG (

The Homie Shad P Mixtape. check him out at

Absolut The Great.. He decided to go with the second one.. what you think?

Me and the boy @PremeDaPrez.. he said he wasnt taking a pic till his mixtape dropped..

Team Showoff.. (@KreepaDaKurse @crdbl @YaBoyScrooge) we be having fun, bugging out.. lol come thru.. shout out to Haitian V or Vladimir Bartholomew Rasp-something (Ask him his whole name when you see him or check him out @JustVlad)

Me and @DJMAGICIZNICE at Duvet. I think its every Friday. Artists be in the building..

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