Monday, November 8, 2010

There is No 4G!!!

LOL its funny but its a good marketing scam, and I KNOW its going to work.

I was just looking at the sprint commercial about the EVO and how its the "first 4G phone".. people are even calling the new iPhone the iPhone 4G.... when its just iPhone 4. 4G makes you think its faster.. when the service is actually the same.. The hightst phones have come is 3G..

"T-Mobile does not have a 4G network. Sprint, which first launched WiMAX in June of 2009, does not have a 4G network. Verizon Wireless will flip the switch on LTE later this year and when it does, it will not have a 4G network. AT&T is taking its time with LTE and it won’t fire anything up until next year. When it finally does, AT&T will not have a 4G network." -BGR

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the body that defines these technical terms. It has defined that for a service to qualify as 4G, it must deliver peak download speeds of approximately 100Mbps in high-mobility environments (cell phones) and peak download speeds of approximately 1Gbps in low-mobility environments. Current technologies such as WiMAX (Sprint), LTE (AT&T) and HSPA+ (T-Mobile) certainly do not meet these criteria.

“4G” is now simply a marketing term carriers use to distinguish new from old. They don’t care what new is, and they don’t care what old was. They just know what case studies have told them… people equate 4G with “fast”, so we’re calling our network 4G.

It’s not lies. It’s just marketing.

BRG Article

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