Thursday, May 27, 2010

BBM Blast

This was going around on BBM over the past couple days. Decided to just post it here.

A. Three names I go by:
1) Chris
2) Christopher
3) CRDBL (credible)

B. Three places I've lived:
1) Deigo Martin, Trinidad
2) Montreal
3) Harlem, NY

C. Three places I've worked
1) Polo Ralph Lauren
2) Plaza Automall
3) Bank Of America

D. Three things I love to watch:
1) Family Guy
2) The Office
3) Comedy Central

E. Three places I have been
1) Jacksonville/Miami/Orlando, Florida
2) Virginia
3) Tobago

Three places I'd love to visit
1) California
2) London
3) Hong Kong

Three people that e-mail/BBM me regularly:
1) Scrooge
2) Her
3) Mike fr. UMG

H. Three things I love to eat
1) Chicken
2) Mashed Potatoes
3) Junk Food

I. Three people I think will respond: (doesn't mean the rest shouldn't!)
1) X
2) X
3) X

J. Three things I am looking forward to:
1) Running a business or large firm
2) Going places with the people I came up with
3) Making my mother happy

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