Sunday, December 7, 2008

damn mann

so friday i came home from class, and went to sleep. slept till like 9 then woke up with time to get ready and go out. hmmm first we went djumbala then cpac. cpac had mad people and then got home the usual 430am. then i had to take my mom to the hospital which wasnt bad, but i had class @ 830am... went to class took a test and then reviewed for the final. it was a 4hour class so i didnt get home till about 130pm. finally wanted to sleep but couldnt till like 3. and since then i have not felt fully rested. omggggg

I've just been listening to music mainly these two songs

drake - say you will click to hear(zshare) - 3.47MB
jay-z - brooklyn (we go hard) click to hear (zshare) - 9.23MB

i just put on my sleep playlist n hopefully wake up feelin better

p.s. shout out to Preme for the making of video.. cant wait to see the fully one and we still waitin on the other remix mann lol. aint get to see ur preformance at cpac, but ill stay tuned for jan 2nd to see it

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