Monday, December 15, 2008


I woke up, still tired. Idk why. Got sleep like a lil less than 8 hrs but I'm still tired. Last night my aunt held a function for some old Caribbean ppl and I got to try out the bar tending thing. Wasn't like a whole lot of mixing drinks cuz those old ppl like scotch or rum n coke lol. After a while when the night started ending I got a lil annoyed cuz ppl kept coming to me asking for stuff they saw wasn't on the shelf. This one guy asked like twice back to back for rum n coke. And then when I told him we didn't have it, he wanna call my uncle.. like sorry.. we still don't have any rum lol. But i guess my uncle wanted to be nice so he went n got him some rum, and then my cousin told him there wasn't much coke, n he told my cousin shush.. not even like by saying anything but just put his finger on his lips. smh. I shoulda just left. Now im sitting here saying i shoulda drank the coke before my uncle came back lol. but umm he got some rum n coke and left, and soon after I left. And I went to sleep. Now I'm up and first thing i do is go online n make my rounds on the net loll. First thing i seen was a crazy video. Like what would make u throw a show at the president. matter of fact.. 2 shoes.. lmao

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