Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canadian Vibezz

most people don't know i lived here before i lived in the US. so theres a FUN FACT you learned today. lol. im back out here with my grandmother. visiting my cousins, aunts and uncles. it was rather boring at first but i guess cuz im not jus goin outside and doing whatever i want. they don't have dollar vans so i cant jus go downtown or to kp for a banana split. so i guess its jus chilling with fam till the weekend and we hit some clubs. thats gonna be a different experience. what if they start blasting lil wayne in French. lol. the train ride was a totally umm draining experience. we had to be on that shit form 820am to 640pm. and i actually saw people ice fishing on an entire lake that was frozen. this shit must of been bigger than like central park lol. i got some video even of the train when this retard asked me to stop recording. guess he was scared there was something that could make him lose his job lol. but if i can get that off the camcorder ill put those up later

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