Friday, February 6, 2009

Whose in your Fave5?

there is a limited offer going around now. I actually added it this week and I might advise some of you to do it too. You can currently add (while it last) the Fave5 option onto any non-my faves plans. All I did was call in and told the rep I saw the promotion online to add fave5 option onto my plan for free. It didn't change anything on the plan i had. Still had my 600 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited blackberry data plan, free nights n weekends. I did notice when i signed on to My Tmobile it had Fave5 as an added option. So this does work. Its a service provided by the Customer Loyalty department. Only key i can probably try to also mention is that it has something to do with the RETENTION department. The only thing as with any phone company is that u have to do a contract extension for 2 years. the extension wont mess with the phone upgrade you would qualify for or anything. This will potentially save everyone some bread on their bill. (for all of you who have friends you talk to alot that are non tmobile customers, and even so if you dont have mobile to mobile)

then i went with a family plan so my mom and I can get mobile to mobile lol. check out the red diamond, and you can see that the fav5 option is on the side and not with a price description...

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