Friday, February 6, 2009

been a long time..

damn feels longer than since January 27th since i been up here. so much has happened i think. well since i was last ehre ummm im still on break from school.. umm ive gone through like 2 bottles of patron and a bottle of hennessy. lol thanks kreepa. it looks like camrons makin his comeback while all this beef is going on with 50 cent/rick ross, and bow wow/souljaboy. smh even Michael Phelps got trouble. looks like u cant jus be a 20 year old anymore once u win a couple gold medals. im sure someone whose taking a sponsorship away or giving a suspension to him is being a hypocrite cuz they prolly smoked up and it coulda been last week for all we know... i've been sick this week but the antibiotics been makin me feel better today. jus a lil but. but now im getting a headache as im typin this. there too much vids and interviews of that rick ross thing and so many more vids of the souljaboy bow wo thing but ill jus put the cam stuff up and lemme know if u aint see the other stuff yet. ahhhhh maybe im not better yet

Cam Interview with Miss Info
Where's Camron?

Feb Cover of XXL

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