Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not The Miami I Intended...

Sitting in the airport... on a trip i wasn't supposed to be taking alone I go through my twitter page... I'm looking at my favorites on twitter and I see a list of them I saved from Preme. "…Chris Told Me Rap On Erything Dats Hot Duke /Scrooge Told Me I Will Kill Dem Nigaz Dog I Got U / Fucc Fucc FuccEm All Dem Niggaz Is Not U". That one alone just gave me chills because its a real life situation that I cant even enjoy anymore. This whole time in Miami I tried to enjoy myself. I mean it was definitely an experience but I cant help but think what if I didn't come, I don't think I would have been missing anything in particular. I haven't been in a partying mood.. andIi guess its OK when I drink but other than that I really just like to be alone... not the alone that you need to worry about me but just the alone where I don't feel like you can do anything at all about. There are only a handful of people.. you might think your one, but your prolly not, but there are only a handful I would even feel like don't bother me when they are around. This trip was supposed to be so much fun.. the only real fun I had was riding the scooter with Kreep and Twin. That was the best experience for me. Swimming in the ocean was good too because it was something I planned. Just swimming in the open water where the water completely submerged me. That made me feel entirely too free. Regardless at the end of the day I'm brought back to reality not by returning to Brooklyn like most of you people, I'm brought back every day when its made evident... let me not finish this the way my mind is telling me to..

"I Officially Learned That The Opportunity To "Regret" A Bad Decision Is One Of The Most Precious Things In Life!! Don't Take It For Granted" -PremeDaPrez

I'll post some happier memories of my trip when I feel like it.

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