Thursday, October 14, 2010

AbsoTheGreat - Angel & Demon LP

This is my dude AbsoTheGreat. This has been something in the making for a while and I'm glad to see it coming forward. He released it 10/10/10. Below I have the intro for just a sample. I'm listening to it now as I write this post. Everything sounding so clean.. I Love it! Vocals, Production, and Rhymes is on point. I'm already I'm pressed and only a couple of tracks in. Next to look forward to is his first video.

Featured on, Kayla Bliss, PremeDaPrez, Project Porter, Dante, Sky Taylor, Biz, T.V. and Mainevent, with Executive Production from DJ K Breezy and New Day, with Production by Dj Skinny, High Standard, and K.A.S.H.

Check it out on ABSOTHEBREAT.COM as well.

Download HERE

01. Genesis (Intro) - Feat. Kayla Bliss

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