Saturday, October 16, 2010

BET's Top 10 Rappers Of The 21 Century List

I thought this was the same list that's done every year, but this was BET and NOT MTV. I haven't seen the episode to hear the names that were thrown around but I have read twitter and a few blogs to hear people puzzled as to why Jay-Z or Fabolous didn't make the list. I even saw Boi1da's take on the whole situation, but he only made reference to Nelly. LOL thats odd.. but OK. Here's the list below.. from 10-1. I took the added interest of putting up the number of Studio Albums each artist had. This does not include mixtape acknowledgment, or EPs. Some of these guys havent even gone platinum. LOL Just an added tidbit.

10. Rick Ross (4 Albums)
9 Jadakiss (3 Albums)
8. Young Jeezy (4 Albums)
7. Drake (1 Album)
6 Ludacris (7 Albums)
5. T.I. (7 Albms)
4.50 Cent (4 Albums)
3. Kanye West (4 Albums)
2.Lil Wayne (7 Albums)
1. Eminem (5 Albums)

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