Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm trying to be come on here on a consistent basis but its kinda hard. With there was a blackberry app for me to use to post stuff.. I'm sure there prolly is but I really wouldn't use it. Anyways I'm home just got thru a meeting and it was rather nice. Good food and laughs. Ummmm home now listening to the instrumental of that Gudda Gudda song I last posted in "#NP (Extensive Play )". That's about it for now.. Oh and I have come to realize I want the all white Air Jordan XI coming out next week. Its all white so I'm hoping I keep them clean and prolly will limit my wearing of them. I don't like having sneakers tho and "can't" wear. Never got the point in that. If I have them why would I just never wear them? Then I might as well had not gotten them.

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