Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#NP (Extensive Play )

For some reason every day its usually one song that gets extensive playing on my iPhone. Today it was this Gudda Gudda ft. Lil Wayne track titled "I Don't Like The Look". Its off his newest mixtape I heard "Guddaville" and actually makes me feel like listening to it. I first heard it on the radio last week, and it had the Oompa Loompa sample from one of their songs on Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They are 2 different shows I Just forgot which was first, but the old one... lol. The other 2 Tracks are from 2 Brooklyn artist Preme I've always posted about and the other is Marz aka MarzMoney (@MarzMoney) he remixes "Rich Kids - Partna Dem" to shout out all his fellows..

Gudda Gudda - I Don't Like The Look Ft. Lil Wayne
(Not sure why its not working)

PremeDaPrez - Popular Demand (Freestyle)

MarzMoney - Partna Dem

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