Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Netflix Fix

If you know me you know I love my NETFLIX... lol. Lately I've been watching it on a laptop because my Xbox has the 3 red rings "Of death" lol.

Aside from watching movies they have available I like to watch seasons of shows. My favorite thing before to watch w
as "The Office" and "30 Rock". I went through season 1-5 of "The Office" and 1-3 of "30 Rock" almost at lease twice lol. Then I stumbled upon "The Weeds" which I went through season 1 in one day. Then season 2 in almost the 2nd... Usually I slow up around season 2 on these shows but was stuck because for a while that was the only thing up. Once season 3-5 became available I went through that in about the week. After I finished with "The Weeds" I jus browsed certain things and kept seeing that it was telling me I would like "Arrested Development"... It was acting like it knew me lol... But it was right. I went through season 1 in about the same one day as I was used to. And by the following week I was on Season 2 and 3. Currently I am up to Season 2 of “My Name Is Earl” some how all of these shows have something in common... a little bit of serious, and a lot of funny. Not regular humor, but I guess my kind of humor.

My friend Shotta Dru (http://ifundthemental.blogspot.com) is telling me about "24" which about now has 7 seasons up... that a lot I'm going to have to catch up on lol. I have to start at season one.

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